Compost Topdressing for Colorado Springs Lawns

Have you ever heard a gardener refer to compost as “black gold” and wondered what the big deal is? Once you see what a little bit of compost can do for your yard, you’ll understand! Many people think compost is just for gardens, but the fact is that it can work wonders for your lawn, too. Applying a compost topdressing to your lawn is one of the best things you can do for your grass. Ready to learn more about why and when to get a lawn topdressing? Keep reading, or just get in touch.

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What is Compost Topdressing?

Compost topdressing is a soil amendment that is commonly used in gardens and lawns. Compost is organic matter that is added to gardens and lawns to encourage healthy soil and plant growth. It is the end product of a decomposition process that takes yard and food waste and turns it into a rich, high-nutrient, and dark material that hosts huge amounts of beneficial soil microbes and organisms. As the nickname “black gold” suggests, it is highly prized by gardeners and organic lawn care experts. That’s because it supplies the nutrients, minerals, organisms, and organic material that healthy soils and plants need to thrive.

Topdressing a lawn entails adding a thin layer of compost to an existing lawn. We use compost from our local supplier, Rocky Top Resources. Clean Air Lawn Care Colorado Springs only uses this high-quality local compost for your lawn, and we spread it evenly over your lawn in the spring or fall. If you’re interested in learning more about getting compost topdressing for your lawn, get a free estimate today or just give us a call!

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Combine Aeration and Overseeding with Compost Topdressing

aeration infographicWe will often combine aeration and overseeding with our compost topdressing service to accomplish an incredibly lush, healthy lawn. No harsh chemicals are necessary when you focus on nurturing soil health with a high-quality organic approach. First, we aerate your lawn to ensure maximum absorption of oxygen, moisture, nutrients, and beneficial microbes. Then, spread seed, and finally, we apply the compost topdressing. We use a 90% fescue/10% bluegrass seed blend for overseeding.

On top of being highly beneficial for the soil, the compost topdressing acts as a protection for the grass seed, much like straw. The compost prevents the seed from drying out and being blown or washed away. Straw doesn’t break down like compost, and it has to be raked up once the grass starts to grow. This often means that you’re raking up new, baby grass. Straw also dries out and is ineffective, or it’s too heavy and smothers the new grass. The compost acts as a fertilizer for the seed and new grass, as well as holds in moisture. It’s also going to benefit the existing turf. Compost not only feeds and puts organic material into the yard, but it also insulates the seed and helps retain moisture.

Why Get a Compost Topdressing?

Applying a compost topdressing is one of the healthiest, safest and surest ways to maintain a lush, healthy and weed-free lawn in the Colorado Springs area. When you routinely get your lawn topdressed, you are encouraging several aspects of an organically grown, weed-free lawn. You are proactively focusing on the health of the soil, instead of resorting to toxic chemicals to kill weeds and subsequently sending your lawn into a chemical spiral (ie requiring more and more chemicals to keep it looking nice).

When Should You Get Your Lawn Topdressed?

Get your lawn topdressed in the spring or fall to see the best results. Most of our customers opt for topdressing in the fall because it allows the soil time to incorporate the compost. The nutrients and microbes in the compost encourage strong, healthy grass root growth over the winter. This makes for lush, healthy grass in the spring.

If you are choosing a topdressing service that is combined with aerating and overseeding, we recommend you do this in the fall. That gives the seed the most time to germinate and establish roots heading into winter.

How often should you get Compost applied to your lawn?

Recommendations for how often we apply a compost topdressing depends on the condition of your yard. Generally, we recommend topdressing every-other-year to keep the soil healthy.

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